Snackbox Co Delivers Healthy Delicious Workplace Snacks with Launch of Snacks as a Service (SNaaS) Platform

Discover and Improve Workplace Health and Wellness Through Snackbox Co SNaaS

VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA – October 2, 2017 – Snackbox Co Pty Ltd, the professional company and snack-discovery platform that is improving workplace health, today announced the launch of their SNaaS platform, available for Australian businesses only. After a successful beta trial, this workplace snacking experience offers small to large businesses an affordable and easy to implement snacking platform for employers/HR to invest in staff health, wellness and productivity via food, and is available on a quarterly or monthly subscription.

Hailed as “the office snack game changer”, Snackbox Co delivers a smart B2B snacking solution to improve employee engagement, productivity and wellness via snacks that contain no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. With the service, each month the workplace receives a new curation of snacks, with the guarantee 50% of products are rotated/different. Given Millennials are absolute snacking machines and snack two times more than their parents, an employer has a greater chance of retaining staff by providing food or other perks in the workplace. Whether the snacks are provided or come at a small cost to employees, there is an optional money box in the Snackbox Co snack stand that is complementary with medium or large boxes.

Workplaces have the opportunity to trial Snackbox Co by registering for a free sample box. This allows the workplace to trial a very small selection of the hundreds of snacks available via the SNaaS platform – point of differentiation from any other food service on the market, and also catering for employees that have specific dietary requirements e.g. gluten intolerance, nut allergy etc. The subscription service has no lock in contracts, no glass barrier unlike vending machines and has a wide variety of snacks some unheard of to most people.

“We find many workplaces want to implement healthy eating, but do not have engaging ideas on how to do so, with so many only providing tea, coffee and biscuits”, said Carlo Cirillo co-founder of Snackbox Co. “We see ourselves as more than just a snacking company, we’re helping employers improve staff mood, engagement and productivity via food – not an easy task!”.

About Snackbox Co

Snackbox Co is a snacking platform, offering healthy alternative snacking as a service for workplaces. With three sizes of Snackboxes on offer, the boxes are curated with healthy snacks made from quality ingredients. Every box includes approx 10 – 15 varieties of snacking products, made by different snacking manufacturers. A recent startup company, Snackbox Co was founded in 2017. To learn more about Snackbox Co and B2B products, visit

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Carlo Cirillo, Snackbox Co Pty Ltd
(03) 8683 7323

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