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Attract the Best Millennials Into Your Team!

Millennials are the new breed of employee, the young guns, the up-and-comers! They bring with them enthusiasm, knowledge and a fantastic work ethic, as well as a variety of needs, wants and values that may differ from the generations before them.

If you are looking to attract and retain talented millennials to your organisation, consider the specific benefits they may be looking for.

The younger generation are seeking more fulfilment from their workplace, in order to satisfy their desire for purpose and culture within a team environment.

A sustainable work/life balance and harmony will go a long way to ensuring Millennials in your team are with you for the long haul.

Without a doubt, Millennials bring with them specialised skills, drive and knowledge that can add massive value to your business results, but you may be finding it difficult to tailor the right perks for them in order to inspire and motivate the millennials in your team.

Luckily, we have done the hard work for you by gathering honest information from Millennials about what employers can do to make the workplace irresistible to them, and ensure you get the best young, vibrant Millennials on your team.

1. Further Learning & Personal development

The new wave of employees are seeking growth in their areas of interest and passion. While they will be driven to master the role and industry they are in, growing as a person ranked very high amongst the wants from millennials.

Things like offering tickets and paid days off to attend personal development seminars or bringing in speakers or experts to inspire and teach both aspects of self and the industry will ensure Millennials in your workplace are achieving the level of growth they crave.

Something as simple as allocating time during the work week for employees to read a book of their choice could make all the difference to their mindset and level of productivity.

Millennials are hungry to grow and succeed – support in personal growth will provide them a motivating push to strive for excellence.

2. Social events

What may just seem like “after work drinks” among colleagues actually means more to younger employees on a work-culture level.

This social celebration aspect of life is something fun that builds connections and creates stronger, more effective ties between colleagues.

If your staff members feel like part of a team/family, it breeds a culture of inclusivity. This will lead to all team members feeling valued, supported and inspired.

Everyone feels included, comfortable to be themselves and everyone thrives as a cohesive unit!

Mix it up with different events around your town from bars to bowling and BBQ’s.

Your tech savvy employees will promote your organisation automatically through the new age of “ Snap every event and share on social media”. Focus on FUN! This is such a simple way to attract the young and fun millennials you want in the team.

3. Flexible work hours

Most of the time Millennials have a packed lifestyle, and value control over their daily life. Being confined to 9 – 5 doesn’t get them excited.

Some will be studying, socialising or just wanting more freedom – allowing flexible hours can be very attractive to a young employee.

This allows employees to tailor their day and week so they can work at the times they focus best.

As well as creating freedom for younger employees, it also imparts a sense of trust between employee and employer which is highly valued.

4. More time off

Millenials are itching for time to adventure, socialise and pursue hobbies.

Rewarding their hard work by offering a generous days off will make them very happy and will also bring them back to work relaxed, focused and motivated.

Most companies are now offering unlimited days off for employees to take the time off they need to rest and get back to work and perform with more productivity.

Even a special “Birthday Day Off” may mean more to a millennial than you think!


Not really – although it may be a fantastic addition for lunch time, the theory behind this is millennials want a workplace that reflects a great lifestyle – an environment that helps them thrive.

This can be achieved though having open work spaces, co- working areas, standing desks or hot-desking to create a comfortable space they can choose.

Other popular ideas include implementing napping stations, gaming / fitness areas and free food or free snacks such as Snackbox Co.

This will help you stand out from the “old school” crowd by giving your millennials a fun workplace in which they WANT to come to and work – employees that want to be at work will work better for you.

6. Health + Wellbeing support

Healthy employees are happy employees, and happy employees are productive employees! This is true on both a physical and mental level.

While providing a healthy environment physically through perks such as gaming area, gym memberships, free snacks and team physical activities is important, it is equally important to create balance by providing support for mental health in the office.

According to Mashable, 20 percent of Millennials report battling with depression, which is higher than any previous generation.

Consider offering activities such as yoga or meditation to the office, as well as free mental health support to support your team.

Although these suggestions may be a new way of thinking for traditional companies, and in the short term seem very costly, the right perks for these young guns can reap huge benefits to your bottom line long term.

Great companies adapt and grow with the ever-changing times, and these are the companies Millennials want to work for!

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